NBS NBS 煙霧密度試驗機 ISO5659-2, ASTM E648


NBS 煙霧密度試驗機 ISO5659-2, ASTM E648

NBS Smoke Density Chamber Upgrade ISO5659-2, BS6401, ASTM E648, IMO FTPC PART 2,




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NBS 煙霧密度試驗機 ISO5659-2, ASTM E648-行動條碼QR Code



ISO5659-2,BS6401,ASTM E648,IMO FTPC第2部分,NFPA253


煙霧試驗機的用途可以透過幾種方式擴展。 根據ISO 5659第2部分,重要的修訂版可以作為新煙霧試驗機的一部分提供,也可以作為對所有現有Aminco,Newport,Stanton Redcroft,FIRE或Govmark煙霧試驗機的改造。


該測試方法現已被國際海事組織(IMO)採用,被稱為IMO FTPC第2部分。


錐體加熱器模組設計用於煙霧密度測試。 它裝有指定的截頂錐輻射加熱器,該加熱器水平安裝在室內。 樣品也以水平配置安裝在錐形加熱器下方。



• 可以提供新的ISO錐和稱量系統作為直接替代品

• 還可根據BS 6401,ASTM E662,ISO 5659-2,AITM3.0005等,使用定制的DAQ和軟體升級舊煙霧試驗機

• 不銹鋼結構,提供最大的耐腐蝕性

• 截頭圓錐形加熱器–水平安裝

• 熱通量範圍為10 – 50 kW / m2,可擴展材料研究範圍

• 稱重傳感器模組可實現樣品質量損失的動態測量

• 不銹鋼稱重傳感器外殼和陶瓷保護板

• 快門組件可在開始測試之前保護樣品免受加熱器的傷害

• 帶適配器的熱通量計,可將感應器安裝在正確的位置

• 樣品架和墊板

• 帶自動點火的先導燃燒器組件

• 利用現有的引燃燃燒器氣體和空氣供應

• 隔板接口,可輕鬆連接至試驗室單元(可輕鬆進行水平和垂直加熱器之間的交換)

• 可以提供最新的最新PMT測光系統,熔爐和輻射計作為直接替代品

• 獨立控制模組,包括:

• 按鈕控制百葉窗和燃燒器點火

• 數字顯示加熱器的溫度控制器

• 用於帶數字顯示的稱重傳感器的校準控制模組

• 用於質量測量歸零的按鈕

• 臍帶型排線,用於艙壁接口到試驗室外部

• 可以為大多數品牌的煙室提供專門備件



電氣:2230 volts AC 50 Hz – 保險絲額定值: 抗突波 10 amp 保險絲


尺寸:設備– 400 mm(寬)x 800 mm x(高)x 300 mm(深)。

控制模塊– 400 mm(寬)x 500 mm x(高)x 400 mm(深)

氣體供應:首選的引燃燃燒器氣體供應是空氣和丙烷的混合物。 丙烷應在350 mm水錶的壓力下供應,空氣應在17 m±3 m水錶的壓力下供應,如ISO標準中所述

供水:熱通量表需要水冷。 只需一個簡單的循環泵,儲水器和連接管道即可。





NBS Smoke Chamber Upgrade


ISO5659-2, BS6401, ASTM E648, IMO FTPC PART 2, NFPA253


The usefulness of the smoke chamber may be extended in several ways.  The important revised version, according to ISO 5659 Part 2, can be supplied as part of a new Smoke Chamber or as a retro-fit to all existing Aminco, Newport, Stanton Redcroft, FIRE or Govmark smoke chambers.


This test method has now been adopted by the International Marine Organisation (IMO) and is known as IMO FTPC Part 2.


The Cone Heater Module has been designed for use in the Smoke Density Test. It incorporates the specified truncated cone radiant heater, which is horizontally mounted in the chamber. The specimen is mounted beneath the cone heater also in the horizontal configuration.


Specification & Features

•New ISO cone and weighing systems can be supplied as direct replacements

•Old Smoke Chambers can also be upgraded with bespoke DAQ and software according to BS 6401, ASTM E662, ISO 5659-2, AITM3.0005 etc

•Stainless steel construction to give maximum corrosion resistance

•Truncated conical heater – horizontally mounted

•Range of heat fluxes from 10 – 50 kW/m2 for extending range of study of material

•Load cell module to enable dynamic measurement of mass loss of sample

•Stainless steel load cell enclosure and ceramic protection plate

•Shutter assembly to protect sample from heater before commencing test

•Heat flux meter with adaptor to mount sensor in correct positions

•Sample holder with backing board

•Pilot burner assembly with auto-ignition

•Utilises existing pilot burner gas and air supplies

•Bulkhead Interface for easy connection to chamber unit (exchange between horizontal and vertical heater may readily be made)

•New state-of-the-art PMT light measurement system, furnaces and radiometers can be supplied as direct replacements

•Independent Control module including:

• Push button control of shutter and burner ignition

•Temperature controller for heater with digital display

•Calibrated control module for load cell with digital display

•Push button for mass measurement zero reset

•Umbilical loom for bulkhead Interface to external side of chamber

•Specialist spares can be supplied for most makes of Smoke Chamber


Technical Data & Requirements

Electrical: 230 volts AC 50 Hz – Fuse Rating: Anti-Surge 10 amp fuse

Ambient Temp: Operating 10°C to 35°C

Dimensions: Apparatus – 400 mm (W) x 800 mm x (H) x 300 mm (D).

Control module – 400 mm (W) x 500 mm x (H) x 400 mm (D)

Gas Supplies: The preferred pilot burner gas supply is a mixture of Air and Propane. The propane should be supplied at a pressure of 350 mm water gauge and the Air should be supplied at a pressure of 17 m ± 3 m water gauge as detailed in the ISO standard

Water supply: The heat flux meter requires water-cooling. A simple re-circulating pump, water reservoir and connecting pipe-work is adequate.





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